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Size Question?

Okay so as per member request - I wanted to ask a question of the people who submit graphics as well as those who show love through voting - it has to do with "submission sizing".

In the past we have always done 800x600 pixels graphics because, lets face it in the past not too many people had big monitors at home as they were more expensive. So the question is - do you think we should go bigger? and if so how big would you like it?

Let me know your thoughts so I can basically get a feel about how big we need them.
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Challenge 25 :: WHO are you?


Okay ...
Results from Challenge 24 featuring The Beekeeper Era are in and will be posted soon as the banners are made so stay tuned for that info peeps.
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Next matter of business :: Challenge 25 :: WHO are you?

This is one of my favoritest ideas for a challenge mainly because of the submissions that we got the last time we ran it in 2008.

Challenge will run from the day of post until Wed. March 3rd @ EST. TUESDAY 3.16.2010!!! 

PART I :: Picture Challenge

[x] Each member can submit 2 seperate entires.

In this part of the challenge you must feature any "Tori Amos Photo(s)" of your choice - however - the twist comes with the wording on the graphic. Mandatory text MUST be from a song NOT WRITTEN or COVERED by Tori (example below).

1] Dimensions :: 800x600 px
2] Images :: minimum of 1 // maximum of 4 - Tori Amos Photos from any era
     - at least 3 words will be featured and must be a song lyric from ANOTHER ARTIST (no-Tori-covers allowed)
     - only other allowed wording = "Tori Amos"
     - all words must be visable
4] Attach a URL with your image
5] Submissions must be in .jpg - . gif - .png format only!
6] No previously released works please.

Example Submission :: click to enlarge

"Blackbird" by Paul McCartney


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challenge extension granted!
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SNOW driven extension

Okay ... I will be honest ::
If you live anywhere on the East Coast you have been too busy digging out of snow drifts to do anything creative ... well maybe build a snow cave but still.

Now that I can leave my driveway I have a ton of other life required stuffs to do so ...

Final Extension on Challenge 24 :: Monday Feb 15th @ 12p EST.