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Who Are You?

We are Toridesktops. Created by beautyofspeed back in the beginning of 2007, Toridesktops was started with the idea of making a community where graphics bigger than 100x100 could be made. There are a lot of icon makers out there who make wallpapers. However, wallpapers never get their share of the spotlight in challenge communities. So this is it! Your very own wallpaper challenge community.

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What You Need To Know

• Challenge specifications are given out individually
• Submit to the original post only
• Submissions must be in *.jpg - .gif - .png* format only!
• Wallpaper size minimum 800 x 600 pixels
• You must include your URL/IMG.

:: Specific Quote Challenge Rules ::
-- the entry quote must be --
1) Used / not expanded upon / edited
2) The portion you use MUST be visible

.+. You cannot use any portion of the text from your QUOTE CHALLENGE in your PICTURE CHALLENGE entry. IF you do your submission will automatically be moved into the Picture Challenge potion of the challenge at hand = EVEN IF = it has the Picture Challenge images in it.

When it comes to Quote Challenges you are responsible for finding your own images. They CANNOT be the same images given in the Picture Challenge.
guest mod challenge rules

We are implementing a new part of the challenges to this community for 2010 where you, the members will be able to create your own challenge. That’s right! You create the type of challenge you want and will oversee it until its completion including making winners banners.

In order to make this possible you will temporarily gain posting access to the community for the duration of your challenge, thus allowing you to have control over posts and submissions. You will need to be in contact with me via email because I will be giving you the information needed to upload submissions to the designated Flickr.com site.

To give everyone a chance, you will have the opportunity to create a challenge every 4 challenges (essentially 1 per 2 month period).

Before you apply – please look over past challenges from the community. This way we are not repeating ourselves with types of challenges, images etc. Also make sure your personal schedule will allow you ample time to see this challenge through.

SO you want to apply?


Submit your desire via comment; you will have as long as the current challenge is running to submit. When voting for that particular challenge is completed and winners announced, you as well will be informed if it is your chance.

Questions // Comments // Concerns -- Please ask!


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